Monday, February 22, 2010

Washing Demo

Jen sent us photos of the washing process she uses for her fleece. She thinks she started with about a 3-4 pound fleece and will weigh it again after drying and then carding.

The first picture is the belly wool and the skirtings from around the britch and at the bottom of the legs which will go into the mulch pile.

Here Jen is gently pushing the bag of wool into the hot, soapy water with a wok stirrer working slowly and gently.

The wool is now fully submerged. Over the next 15 minute or so soak, it will float to the top. At that point, Jen will usually flip it over.

Here is the wet fiber just pulled from the soak, the water has drained from the tub and she lets it sit for a few minutes on the rack that came with her dryer until it stops dripping. She then repeats the whole thing; this fleece she soap soaked three times, and rinsed it three times.

This is some of the dirty nastiness at the bottom of the sink, which rinses away.

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