Thursday, August 30, 2012

Using the Drum Carder
Sunday, September 9, 2012

The next meeting will focus on drum carders.  Ideally, we will see a variety of different drum carders, how they work and how different people use them. Wwill do a demonstration on how to use the drum carder that was so generously gifted to us. If you want to use this, you need to see the demonstration. We would also like those who have drum carders to bring them in and do a short demonstration on how you use it. Please bring your own fiber for this.

Everyone should bring in the results from the spinners challenge, we should have more time to look at them now. Bring it in if you have already shown it, we might want to get a picture of them all together.

We really appreciate how generous our members were, both in donations and in bidding, at the auction.

Labor Day sale with spinning wheels

There is an estate sale in Tonawanda with 3 spinning wheels, a skein winder and a table loom for sale. I can’t tell what the condition is from the pictures, but here is the link . The sale is Aug. 31st, Sep 1st, and Sept. 2nd

Monday, August 6, 2012

Some larger items that have been most generously donated include:

Pat H. is donating a picker made by her husband, but it's an exact copy of the Li'l Dynamo Wool Picker, sells for about $150.00.  Her husband is a very good carpenter so I'm sure it's excellent quality.  The Woolery's box pickers, which don't look any different, sell for over $300.00. 

Pat is also donating a 1# clean Alpaca fleece, a 1.2# clean Llama fleece, and two? raw Llama blankets.

Pat M. donated 1100 yds. of Irish yarn from Studio Donnegal that she purchased on her trip to Ireland last fall. This is the same yarn sold in the US as "Tahki Donnegal Tweed", however the light blue color is one she's never seen in the US shops. This is worsted weight and should be enough for a sweater.

Sue P. is donating (among other things) "The Spinner's Dream Basket" which will include a variety of fibers totaling about 12 oz., all local and natural colors, and a handmade spindle, this is a $70.00 value.  

Sue is also offering a subscription to her Barn Dance Fiber Club–3 oz. of the fiber of the month for 3 months, a $65.00 value which includes shipping. It's for September, October and November.

We also have a Spinning Wheel Lamp, a vintage handmade Birdhouse, and a large Sheep stuffed animal.

If anyone else has any large ticket items, please let us know if you can. If you can't make it and are interested in any of these items, let Liz know and she can put bids in for you.

So bring items for the auction, money (!!), your spinners' challenge, a dish, and your wheel, if you think you will have time to spin. There will be plates and silverware, but you can also bring your own. There are some birthdays, so there will be cake!!