Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dye Day–Sunday September 8

I was hoping I could get a rough count of how many of you would like to participate in dyeing roving at the September meeting. You can bring 8 oz. to dye. I will have the dyes pre-mixed, you will need to bring your prepared fiber and a container to work in (more info on this later). You will be setting your dye at home, I'll have instructions for you on that. This is a chance to try dyeing roving, in case you have not done so before, and/or try to play with color you might ordinarily not use.

I will do a count tomorrow, but for others that aren't there, who are interested, need to get in touch with me SOON-Sunday, August 18th at the latest!!!  I need to know how much dye to buy.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hull House Sheep to Shawl

Lenore graciously shared her photos of the completed shawl for The Hull Family Home Auction. 

Doreen caught the action!

Thanks to all those spinners from our guild and The Weavers' Guild of Buffalo who helped spin the yarn for this beautiful shawl! Thanks too, to Daft Dames for providing the warp and warping the loom, Sandy from Long Meadow Farm for the lovely fiber, and of course, to Lenore for the beautiful weaving (and for sharing these photos).

Lovely Cathy modeling the finished shawl. (Photo L. T.)

Members of Common Threads Spinning Guild and Weavers' Guild of Buffalo
spinning fiber  from Long Meadow Farms. (Photo D. K.)

Lenore at the loom with a HH docent.
Warp provided by Daft Dames Handcrafters. (D. K.)

Finished shawl (L. T.)

Finished shawl–Stunning! (L. T.)

I guess this is our 6th Shawl for the Hull House! (D. K.)