Sunday, January 31, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

And We're Off!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped make our first meeting such a success! We signed up 30 members and had an additional five to ten people in attendance. If you missed the program or just want to review the highlights, check out Mary Ellen's post.

The Ravelry group is already up and running! Thanks to our moderators Fiber Fancy and Critter Ranch.

If you have a web site or blog, please pass it along to me so that I may post it on our sideboard for all to see.

Parking was indeed a challenge yesterday, but thank you for being so co-operative. The guild has been assured that street parking is allowed. If we have a meeting on a very snowy day, plows will be a serious consideration. For our next meeting, please pull into the circle, drop off your wheel and supplies on the porch and then move your car to an appropriate parking space. Ideally, we would like to leave the spots at the house for those with physical limitations.

By next month we are anticipating that all the tables, chairs, display, and storage units from the Tea Room will have been cleared. This will leave us with a much nicer space. Again, thank you for being so understanding of space limitations for this first month.

Please check back before the next meeting for an update on next month's program.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

And Now a Message from Our Program Chair

January 17, 2010 Program:

Spindle spinning seems to be a contentious subject. Spinners love 'em or hate 'em. Few are indifferent. Maybe you feel the magic, maybe you laugh at the "waste of time". Today we attempt to crack the mystery and feel the love!

Bring all your spindles! We'll share what we know about them - and don't know. Try out each others' spindles, talk about the nice and squeal on the not-so-nice. Weigh them on a digital scale. Assess why all spindles are not created equal. Help each other out with technique, share best tips and horror stories. Maybe you'll like spindling more. Maybe not.

BUT, PLEASE NOTE: There can be no burning of spindles during this meeting. Nor can they be used to start the fireplaces. Hopefully, you won't want to. However, spindle selling and trading is certainly allowed and encouraged.

Speaking of selling and trading, an ISO (In Search of...Buyer, Trader, Adoptive Mother) Table will be a meeting staple. Bring anything spinning, dyeing, fiber related you have that is for sale, trade, or just in need of a new home. This might be an unfinished project you want someone to "relieve" you of. Maybe the yarn is good and you just feel too guilty to give it to the Salvation Army. Maybe an unused needlework kit that's worth a few dollars. A sweater that doesn't fit, a hat (who knew it would be so ugly?). Books you want to trade, a spinning wheel you outgrew and now want to sell. Beads, buttons, embroidery thread to sell or give away. Think of it as a way to relieve your guilt, pass on a white elephant, or make a few dollars.