Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Eco Dyeing #2 Sunday 9/14

The silk scarves are in, those who purchased them will get an email as to how much they are. A few revisions for what to bring this Sunday as far as plant material. Bring fresh plant material, don't press the leaves (sorry if you've already done this) but fresher seems to work better. If leaves curl, soaking them in water or vinegar (I will bring vinegar) for a few minutes flattens them out again. If you pick a day or two beforehand, put plant material in a bucket with some water, as you would a bouquet of flowers. Where I'm not sure about this, leaves that are just turning may give of more color.

Metal can be encouraged to rust by soaking it in vinegar, and you can patina copper this way. Put vinegar in a jar, and add the metal, let it sit for a few days, give it a shake periodically. Use separate jars for each metal. Remaining vinegar bath can then be used as an after mordant when dyeing with natural dyes. I would recommend small pieces of metal like washers, pennies, flexible wire. Chicken wire can give a nice effect if it's rolled up either with the scarf or around the scarf, try spraying some vinegar on it to encourage it to rust.

Image above: red/pink–sumac berries, purple–elderberries (I will bring some of these), leaf in upper right–purple beech, bright green in lower left–sumac leaves.

Please check back here Saturday in case there are any last minute additions.