Sunday, February 10, 2013

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Friday March 8 and Saturday March 9, 10-5.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sunday Feb. 10

Using Hand Cards:

Well this month went fast!

For February's meeting, we will be working with hand cards. This will be an informal presentation.

Hand carding can be tricky until you get the feel for it. And although some will swear by their method, if it doesn't feel right to you, it can be a frustrating experience.  We would like everyone to bring in their hand cards and demonstrate the method they prefer to use, and hopefully, tell us when and what they use them for.

Where using a drum carder may seem a way more efficient way to blend colors or fibers, hand cards can work better in some situations, for instance if you want a specific shift or gradation in color. (See Margaret's Citron Shawl in the October blog post). They are also great for small amounts of fiber and for experimenting. And of course, they are more affordable. 

So, please bring your hand cards and some fiber (Roc Day fiber would work.) For those of you that don't have cards, I think some people offered to bring extras, and there should be plenty around for you to try it.

Don't forget March 10 is our second auction, please start thinking about things to donate! Hopefully, it will be as successful as our last one.

If anyone has photo's of Patsy's workshop, you can send them to one of the moderators for posting.

Remember, the spinning challenge is to make something with your Roc Day fiber, You can do anything you want, any pattern, add fiber, etc.