Sunday, November 1, 2015

Spinning Samples

Sunday November 8, 2015

This program will be based on a FB post from C. Wood, whom some of you may know. This is probably what we should do before starting any project, but most of us probably don't.  When I saw her post, I asked her about it and this is her reply: 
"I've done this in a few workshops taught by others, but basically it's using the different pulleys, braking & fiber quantity to modify your "default" drafting & letting in. Start with largest pulley & lightest brake, spin a sample. Tighten the brake a bit but stay on the same pulley & repeat. Go to the next pulley, loosen the brake, etc. My wheel has 3 pulleys, so I once did 9 variations. The braking influences the amount of fiber that gets drafted, and it's important to let that take place without fighting it."
We will be spinning our own fiber, roving or top are probably best. Bring any fiber you wish, something you've been indecisive about, left overs, doesn't matter, but we should probably stick to animal fibers. Sorry there is no picture, but the variety of yarns she produced were amazing.

December is our annual Holiday party and pot luck, show & tell, and hopefully we will see a few sweaters finished for our year's challenge!

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