Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sunday January 13, 2013

Roc Day! 

Happy New Year all! 

We will be making (hopefully a giant) Roc Soup Batt for Roc Day this year.

Anyone wishing to participate needs to bring in at least 4 oz. of decent, spinnable fiber, any color. In theory, once the giant batt is made in horizontal layers, we divide it vertically through the layers. The fiber going in should be well enough prepared that you can spin from it coming out (although you ultimately decide final prep.)
The way it works is you put 4 oz. in, you get 4 out. If you would like more, please add in 4 oz. increments. We will not weigh incoming fiber unless you want us to, or someone donates extra and we can take more home than we brought.

NO alpaca, mohair or angora!!!

Some of our members have serious allergies to these fibers. If you are unsure of your fiber content, please bring in something else!!! If someone has a problem with any other fiber, please let us know.

Acceptable fibers include wools, llama, silk, tencel, bamboo, firestar, angelina, locks (not mohair), noils.

We will need some scales to weigh the smaller batts once the soup is made. I'm bringing a small electronic kitchen scale that weighs in ounces and grams, it is more than adequate for our purposes. If 3-4 people could bring one in things should go quickly. Put your name down in the Ravelry group if you are bringing one, once we have 4 people, we should be set.
The resulting fiber will be the new spinners' challenge. You can do any project you like using any technique you like: knit, crochet, felt, weave, etc. The February meeting will be working with hand cards as a follow-up for a prepping technique you can use for this. 
If any of you have completed the last spinning challenge, please bring it in to show us.
Hope to see you all there!

Don’t forget, all guild members are invited to Patsy’s lecture on Thursday Jan. 24th!
“Using your Yarns: A Look at the Creative Process”
Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village (former Amherst Museum) 
Thursday Jan. 24th 6:30 pm Free!
3755 Tonawanda Creek Road 
Amherst, NY 14228 Phone: 716-689-1440

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