Saturday, July 14, 2012

August 12, 2012

Picnic and Auction. 

Our next meeting will be our first picnic potluck and our first auction. We will have a Chinese auction, tickets are 2 for $1 or 15 for $5. We will also have a silent auction for the more extravagant items. Anything you wish to donate should be brought the day of the meeting unless you have made other arrangements. We would like to know if you are donating a large item ahead of time. Check your email for information regarding large ticket items.

What to donate? Of course, any fiber or fiber-related item is welcome. Buttons, shawl pins, soap for fiber, dye pots, dyes, spinning accessories, etc., are always nice. We also know that many of you are multi-talented, and if you are so inclined, donate something along those lines. Items with a fiber theme, such as stationary or jewelry, would be welcome.  Other ideas include a gift basket, or possibly a fiber related service. Or even a really nice plant.

We will try to post any larger ticket items we’ve been told about a week before the auction. For those unable to make the meeting, you can put a bid in beforehand. Give us your starting bid (or we may set one for certain items) and your high bid for the item.  It will work just like an ebay auction. If something makes $50, bids go up in $5 increments, and if by some 
miracle something makes $100, it would go up in $10 increments. For example, the high bid on an item is $100, but someone who isn't there has a high bid is $150. We would then put $110 on that item and that person would get it unless someone bids $120. If there is more than one person bidding on it who isn't there, bids will be raised based on who got to me first. I'm willing to take care of this part of it. Contact me (Liz) if you want to do this at 716.837.0486 or at

At this point we decided against a live auction due to the small size of the guild, the work involved, and this being our first auction. We may look into it in the future.

Please bring a dish to share, your own plate and silverware, if possible. This will be our first fundraiser for the guild; your help and donations are needed to make it a success. Based on experience with other guild auctions, there should be some great deals and we can raise lots of money for our guild!

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