Monday, June 27, 2011

July Notes

Members should have received an e-mail containing the pattern we will be using for our spin-a-long/knit-a-long. Won't it be great to see all the fine examples of Jen's Esker Scarf at our December meeting. The rules? Your handspun and that pattern!

Our July 10th meeting promises to be really interesting. Mary F. is will be sharing some of her felting secrets with us. I can't wait to hear how she puts together her amazing sculptures and landscape pieces.

The HFHF Sheep to Shawl event is scheduled for Sunday, July 24 from 10-4. We have a small group established for the actual spinning of the shawl yarn, but still need folks to show up with their own wheels, spindles, combs, carders, etc. You know how those muggles love to learn our mysterious ways.

August 6th will be our dye workshop with Jane Bartlett. Please remember to sign up before or at the July meeting.

Michaele and Victoria are looking for your ideas for the upcoming WNY Fiber Festival to be held at Emery Park on Saturday, September 24th. Their e-mails are in your membership booklets and your recent e-mail from the president.

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