Monday, September 13, 2010

Meeting Follow-Up

What a nice way to begin the 'new' year! Seeing the samples from the dye workshops was truly inspiring - some of you actually came close to changing my mind about dying;)

For those of you unable to attend the meeting I wanted to follow up on some details to keep you in the loop...

Liz made available weld seeds from the dye garden. She and Kathy discussed the plants that they had harvested and what is still left to gather.

An e-mail with the contact numbers for Sue S. and volunteering at Knox Farm Fiber Festival was sent just prior to posting this entry; please look for it in your in box. Two hour shifts at the gates are still open. In addition, we would love to have someone set up a table with dye brochures, samples, etc.

The Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society is holding its Harvest Festival on October 10 from 1-4. Tara is looking for someone to provide a family friendly display for natural dyes. The contact information is currently on our Ravelry group.

Many thanks to Liz W., Kim W. and Victoria M. for stepping up to fill the Program Chair position. Many hands make light work:)

We are in need of folks willing to serve on the NOMINATING Committee. One board member and two guild members need to put together a slate of names for our upcoming elections. We need to fill the position of secretary and president. If you are interested in running for an office, please let any current board member know and it will be passed along to the Nominating Committee once it is formed.

Doreen came up with an exciting challenge. Doreen has 1 ounce samples of alpaca that she has made available to the guild. She has asked that we each take one sample and see what we can do with it! Interested members in attendance this past Sunday took away their ounce and there will be more available at our next meeting. Everyone will then need to bring them to November's meeting and we will have a 'show and tell' Feel free to dye, ply or whatever catches your fancy!

Thanks to Pat H. for filling in as secretary for the day and to Nancy T. for the donation of the book!

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