Monday, August 16, 2010

Guild Survey

Greetings fellow spinners! Now that we have established by-laws and approved a budget, the board of our fledgling guild would like to spend more time with all of you, and less with paperwork. We want to know what you want out of the guild, and what you think about how things have been so far. Several of you have been able to share your opinions with board members directly, which is always welcome. Now we'd like to gather feedback from the entire group, so we've put together a short survey.

Please take a moment to answer both of the following surveys. They are 2 different surveys, so please take both. They are short and you'll see that there are several opportunities for free response. You can go back and change your answers up to the cut-off date of September 4th. They are completely anonymous. A few of the questions require a response, not because they are more important, but because it will screw up the percentages if not everyone answers!

Click here to take survey
Click here to take survey

After the survey closes, I will read through all the data and report back to the guild with the results. Won't it be interesting to see what everyone thinks?

Erica Fire
Guild Treasurer

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