Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's Time for a Dye Job!

June 13, 1010 Program

Introduction to Natural Dyes:
Phyllis Vasbinder

Demonstration: Onion Skins with Various Modifiers plus
Lily of the Valley leaves on your donated skeins
Common Threads members:
Mary Fisher
Phyllis MacCameron
Pat Maciejewsk
Yvonne Maute
Bonnie Morrisey
Becky Swanson

Natural Dyes are one of the most interesting dye methods, especially for protein fabrics (wool and silk). Complicated? No...but, important things to know: a little horticulture, a little chemistry, a little creativity=virtually endless fun. Today's lecture will provide background and a beginning framework so you can continue basic natural dyeing on your own.

For those who want more, help out with the dyeing at Sheep to Shawl, or sign up for the Natural Dye Workshop (limit 10 members).

Interesting Links:
Natural Dyeing Information
Jenny Dean's Wild Colour
Wild Colours
Aurora Silk

A Dyer's Garden-Rita Buchanan
The Craft of Natural Dyeing-Jenny Dean

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