Monday, May 10, 2010

What's Up Doc?

The following message is from Erica:

There was some interest in angora rabbits back when I did a carding demo. I received the e-mail below from a rabbit rescue organization of which I am a member. There are over 100 angora rabbits being rescued in Canada right now, and they are in need of homes.

It is fairly rare to see angoras available for adoption, so if anyone was considering one this is a great opportunity. Anyone interested should read through all the great house rabbit care information at and if they've decided that they're ready for a house rabbit they can contact Shannon in MA directly with their interest.

If any of our members would like to speak to me in more detail about keeping house rabbits or keeping angoras, they are welcome to contact Erica by leaving a comment.

The Dye Garden is starting its group on Monday evenings, weather permitting, from 5pm to 8pm to work on the garden. Others are welcome and help is appreciated by any husbands, sons, etc. who might help with the initial preparation of the bed. A big thank you to Mary Jo Gadd for bringing plants back from Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

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